Friday, December 7, 2012

Pre-Christmas Sale at Beautyrecycled on Etsy


Good morning everyone,
welcome  again to my humble little blog,
Today I want to let you all know about my Pre-Christmas sale
that I'm having in my Etsy shop at

Use coupon code PREXMAS25 and get 25% off your entire purchase.
Ain't that just perfect right before Christmas?
Now you can do some Christmas shopping at great prices and still have some money left to please yourself.

Take a look at what's in store

Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas at Beautyrecycled

If you are looking to buy some stocking stuffers for Christmas
that are beautiful and affordable just go to Beautyrecycled
on Etsy.

Here are some pics of some of my creations that you can purchase

Reserved cream pearl necklace  sterling silver AB rondelle mauve pearls evening elegant  Sweet Delish 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Awesome rings on Etsy

Good evening, I,ve listed some awesome new rings in the shop
lately.  They are made with vintage buttons glued to silver plated
adjustable ring bases.  They go for $15 approx.
They will make great Christmas gifts.  
These rings would also be great for weddings, bridal parties, dates, proms, costume parties and or Halloween.

Up cycled OOAK dark brown flower cream acrylic adjustable 1" button ring eco friendly woman teen date night costume Halloween

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Vintage button earrings

Hello everyone, I've been absent for a long while I know. I,ve neglected this blog for too long. But I'm back from being very sick and I could only take care of my review blog and my shops on Etsy and that alone was very hard.  But now I'm feeling a bit better and I will try to take care of this blog and my other blog at  Because they are a complement of my Etsy shops. Please accept my apologies to the people who started following me.
So for this humble getting back on the tracks as they say. So take a look at my new vintage button earrings in my Etsy shop at Beautyrecycled. in my button earring section.

Upcycled OOAK metal yellow Tribal signs 17mm button earrings women teens eco friendly

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Thanks to all my readers for stopping by and following,
and to all a Hoppy Easter 
A great Sunday to all of you and your families.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freash Water Pearl Earrings

Hi everyone, just a quick post to let you guys know that my black and white fresh water pearl earrings have been featured on Limey's Treasure Chest blog.

Please take time to visit her post and share or tweet.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

15 Beauty Myths Revealed

1. You should never wax before or during your period. TRUE. Hormonal changes just before and during ovulation may heighten the sensitivity of nerve endings, which means that waxing may be more painful, The best time for waxing is just after your period.

2. You should never rub your wrists together when you apply fragrance. TRUE. 
This can "bruise" the oils contained in the blend, chemically altering the scent. "Leave it alone and let the air dry it."

3. Shaving makes your hair grow thicker. FALSE. 
However, it can appear that way. When you shave, you're cutting hair off at its largest diameter, so you're left with the blunt end, which often feels coarser and thicker.

4. Filing your nails in one direction, instead of back and forth, will prevent shredding. TRUE. You should file from each corner of the nail toward the middle to avoid breakage and splitting.

5. The aluminum in antiperspirants can cause breast cancer. FALSE. The Canadian Cancer Society states that there is no proven link between antiperspirants and breast cancer. While Internet scuttlebutt breathes new life into the fear that aluminum salts and other chemicals in antiperspirants mess with breast cells via your armpits' lymph nodes (think of them as conduits in the body), there's no need to sweat it – literally.

6. Plucking your eyebrows will stop them from growing back. TRUE. Sustained tweezing over many years (decades, really) may fatigue the hair follicle to the point where it may not grow back.

7. Applying petroleum jelly to your eyelashes makes them grow faster. FALSE. It's just genetics: either you have thick gorgeous eyelashes or you don't. In fact, the viscous jelly could actually plug glands on the inner rims of your eyelids that produce tears, flush out debris and fend off infections.

8. You ingest pounds of lipstick every year, and it's harmful to your health. FALSE. The average woman is estimated to consume four milligrams of lipstick daily. To reach even half a pound, it would take four lifetimes (assuming lipstick is worn from age 16 to 80). Even then there are no health risks, according to Health Canada.

9. Toothpaste makes the best spot treatment for acne. FALSE. Although some toothpastes contain benzoyl peroxide (an acne-zapping ingredient that is also used as a whitening agent), there are many more-effective products that specifically target acne. Look for products with at least five percent benzoyl peroxide.

10. Black liner will make your eyes look bigger. FALSE. Lighter shades of makeup will make your eyes stand out, while dark shades will diminish them. If you have small eyes the last thing you want to do is make them look closed or sleepy.  If your eyes are small but you love the idea of a smoky eye, gradually apply a range of light to medium shadows using an eyeliner brush. Try shades such as metallic brown that have a bit of shimmer to reflect the light. To make your eyes look bigger, curl your lashes and line the inside rim of the eye with a white eyeliner. Finish off with a layer of lengthening mascara. Avoid mascara on the bottom lashes if they are very sparse or you have dark pigmentation underneath your eyes.

11. Every time you sleep with your makeup on, it ages your face by seven days.  FALSE. Leaving your foundation on at night could lead to clogged pores and acne, but it won’t cause more wrinkles. The bigger concern is leaving on a product such as mascara. Sleeping wearing eye makeup could lead to irritation or an infection. Use a cleanser and eye-makeup remover to get rid of all traces before hitting the sack. And if you’re too tired to wash up at the end of the day, keep a set of makeup wipes at your bedside for a quick fix.

12. Sleep debt is real , you can't make up for lost zzzs. TRUE. Most women need between 7.5 and 8.5 hours of sleep every night. The hours we lose to stress, overwork and late-night partying are gone forever.

13. Storing fragrances in the fridge will make them last longer. FALSE. The oils in the scents will permeate all fats – such as butter and milk – in your fridge, causing contamination. Instead, keep scents in a cool, dark place, preferably at or just below room temperature.

14. Always apply makeup in natural light. TRUEYou need to think about the setting you’ll be in when applying your makeup. If you’re going to be in natural light for most of the day, you want to play with natural colours and textures, like a tinted moisturizer and highlighting powder. If you’re going out for a candlelit dinner, apply darker shades and play with the reflection of light using glosses on your lips and metallic shades on your eyes. Makeup is like an outfit. It really depends on what kind of look you’re trying to create. And it also depends on what suits you. 

15. You shouldn't wash your hair after dying it. TRUEDon’t shampoo for at least two days after dying your hair. The colour needs to penetrate and attach itself, so if you shampoo too soon, you’ll disrupt the process and lose some color  Always use a shampoo and conditioner formulated for coloured hair and a rich mask.

As seen on the Canadian Angel blog.

Monday, September 19, 2011

recycled computer circuit board necklaces

Good evening, 
God I know it's been a long time since my last post.
It's unforgivable of myself to not have posted before now.
I simply have neglected this blog for the one and only reason that I thought I could use my other Recupefashion for my jewelry also, but I was wrong.  So here I am now, I will be using this blog for my eco jewelry and to each business it's blog. 
that is how it should have been from the beginning.
But I guess that's how we learn, from our mi.stakes.
Today I want to show you my computer circuitry board necklaces.
You will find them in my shop at 50% off with all of the rest of my jewelry in the shop.
This sale ends SEpt 23rd.
If you like these circuitry board necklaces, you can get yours at Beautyrecycled shop
Thanks for dropping by, and now I'll be posting regularly.
Have a great evening.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I,m in a treasury

Hi you guys,
Just wanna let you know that one of my  button
bracelets is in treasury on Etsy.
You can see it here.
It is called Second Life.
Hurry because these Treasuries never last very long.
You will see this beautiful ladybug button bracelet

This bracelet is for a young girl. It is a unique piece.
This piece of jewelry is perfect for a birthday, Christmas, starting school, for a niece, 
a cousin, for any occasion, it will make a great gift.
If you wish to see more of these small bracelet please visit my Beautyrecycle shop and
check out the other models, I can also do a custom bracelet for your little one.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Book Giveaway

Hi, today is a really beautiful day.

I want to let you all know about a giveaway I'm having on my other blog at 
Women-prenuer Galore, where I,m giving away 4 copies of New York Best Seller
''That's why you're fat (stay slim forever)'' book. by Jackie Warner.

I've reviews this book which I found to be really good, mainly because not only will she teach you how to mix your foods together for a better balance for hormones and better weight loss. But she also takes the 
time in this book to explain to you the why and the how of how your body works and how it works best with certain food mixes and why it doesn't work as well with other food mixes.
After you finish reading this book, you will understand what I mean, she also gives you a lot of different exercises in the book from beginner to more advanced, so you don,t feel to overwhelmed.
I,m certain you'll also enjoy this book and with the possibility of winning of 4 books,
this ain't pretty bad either.
So won,t you come alsong and read up on the review and enter the giveaway.
Who knows you might one of the lucky winners?.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cocoa mulch--Highly toxix for your pets.

Express news.

I want to let you all know about some news I just heard 
right now. And you better tell your friends and family.
A friend of mine just heard about guy who's dog died after munching 
on some cocoa mulch,  They have learned from the vet that this stuff is highly 
toxic. So please be careful what type of mulching you put in your garden, or
where you dog goes when you are not with him.  Like I went and check in my neighbor's garden if he 
had that type of mulching, but she doesn't use any mulching like that except grass clippings.
So be careful people what you put in your garden, make certain it's not toxic so your animal don't get sick, or worse.
Thanks for reading

By the way if you follow me , please let me know so I can visit you.